YouTube TV for $35/Month, include 40+ Channels

YouTube TV channels list

YouTube TV

Google just came into Live TV stream war. Google has just launch its new service called YouTube TV service with about 40+ Channels on board to stream live broadcast to subscribers. This service is priced at $35 a month. With YouTube Tv Google aim is to make
watching TV like more like watching YouTube.

Features for YouTube TV subscribers 

For $35 you not only get 40+ live channels stream but a lot more benefits like unlimited DVR storage in the cloud. This means you can record unlimited all your favorite shows with no worry about cloud storage. But this recording only for 9 Months after that its deleted automatically from cloud storage.

Subscriber can also add other 5 member with separate sign-in ID to yours service free of cost. So its means 6 member can use YouTube TV service with single subscription. But in this only 3 member can stream TV at the same time other has to wait for other member left watching.
This service also include YouTube RED originals but it does not include ad-free YouTube RED subscription. It mean you watch TV with ads.

Top feature is YouTube TV app is mobile friendly. It mean you can watch any time any where on any device ios, Android, Chromebook or Tablet. YouTube TV includes ABC, CBS, Fox, NBC, ESPN, and dozens of other local sports and cable networks.


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