Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Refurbished hit the Markets Again with a New Smaller Battery

Samsung Galaxy Note 7

New Galaxy Note 7 Coming Soon

Today morning a report claiming that Samsung might return back the Galaxy Note 7 to Market once again. this is very exciting news for the Note 7 lover. Note 7 was one of the most popular smartphone in 2016 and its beast of all smartphone. Samsung roll out firmware updates for Note7 to brick there phone so customer can return back to Samsung.

This new report suggest that Note 7 refurbished phone might return to India and Vietnam market only. With the change in battery before Note 7 has 3500mAh battery now it replace it with 3200mAh battery. Samsung investigation the Note 7 problem why its Explosions occurs and make their Report public. The issue is battery small size battery contain large capacity so the explosion occurs.

That means new Note 7 will not explode because Samsung resolve the battery problem in Note 7. All other features and design remain same Note 7 before. That's very sensible decision from Samsung by selling this refurbished Galaxy Note 7 to get chance to recover some of the losses that came from  Note 7 recall. Hopefully its again came hit in market and Samsung sell all over the world again with some Price drop so more customer came attract to it again.


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