Google Start working on next-gen Pixel Premium Phone

Pixel 2 leaks

Google Pixel 2

Resources said that Google hardware head Rick Osterloh confirmed a new Pixel is coming to market this year end and Pixel remains a Premium Smartphone. Google also testing some prototype of a device name Pixel 2B. Google had no interested in producing low cost Pixel phone.

We know very little about new Pixel Smartphone, but believe that Google again launch Pixel in 2 model small screen and a large screen with Pixel and Pixel XL. Because all other companies do that they launch their flagship in two sizes. This will become a market strategy to attract more customer because some user like compact screen size and some prefer to big screen size.

Also there is rumors report suggest that Google also testing some prototypes of device with less powerful hardware and it will be launch after Pixel 2 with lower-price. Google wants their phone experience to the emerging market for all kind of customers. Its like Android One phone to give pure Android software experience with faster security updates to the device. Google goal is to cover top-to-bottom  all kind of users with their premium flagships and budget pixel phones.

We expected new Pixel 2 coming this year fall, but Google not conform the launch date. All reports say  that Google plan the same date of  Pixel 2 launch like last year Pixel coming.


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