PS4 Official System Software 4.50 Out

ps4 4.50 update

            PS4 System Software Update 4.50

PlayStation major System Software update for PS4 came with version 4.50 (code name Sasuke). This update rolls out for all PS4 users. Sony already share their new key feature of update before like external HDD support, Custom wallpaper,  HDR improvement, 3D blu-ray support and many more.

Major key feature in PS4 System Software 4.50

  • External HDD Support
Sony already make easy to upgrade your HDD on PS4, but some times you still need extra storage for your Games and multimedia on console, we got this covered with this update. with this update you have option to store your PS4 contant to an external HDD. You just need to plugin your HDD 3.0 into PS4 USB slot thats its now you have more storage on PS4 no need to open a single screw of you PS4. PS4 now compatible upto 8TB of size HDD. You can now download and install contant directly to your external HDD.
  • 3D Blu-ray on PlayStation VR
This update include 3D Blu-Ray support to PlayStation VR. This update adds the ability to view 3D movies on the PS VR headset. This is good news for 3D movies lovers they can enjoy HDR 3D content on their VR headset.

  • Simplified Notification List
With this update you have now single simplified notification list, it make eaiser to see all notifiaction on one screen, before this update notification have seprate sections like Game alerts, Download, Uploads and more. With this update you can also easy prorities your notification by turn-off or customize which pop-up notification came on screen.
  • Custom Wallpapers
This update also adds the ability to set your favorite in-game screenshot as the background image for PS4’s home screen. You just need to take a screenshot of your favriute game and then you put home screen wallpaper thats easy.

  • Quick Menu Refresh
This update adds additional improved features to the quick menu which appears when you long press your PS button on DualShock 4. Now quick meanu cover less gameplay screen and able to access Part features via Online friends. The main goal is too keep you in game and not in menu. 
  • Post on PSN Activity Feeds
With this update  you see a new option to post things like images, text, screenshots directly into your Activity Feed. You can also tag games or other users to make sure they don’t miss what you post.


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