Samsung Galaxy S8 leaks Pricing and More images

Galaxy S8 leaks

Samsung Galaxy S8

These days its hard for all companies to stop the technology leaks before launch event. Today some more leaks pre-launch pictures and information regarding upcoming Samsung flagship smartphone Galaxy S8. In these image we seen some S8 new color, live pictures and videos, and also with some new specifications and price list of Galaxy S8 lineup.

Galaxy S8 color

 In these leaks images we see the new colors of Galaxy S8 left one named Blacked Sky middle one named Orchid Grey and on right is Arctic Silver. These are the standard color of smartphones these days. All color has same front black color not any white color bezels phone this time.

Samsung Galaxy S8 came in two sizes 5.8 inch S8 and 6.2 inch S8 Plus. Its very hard to distinguish between these two models but S8 plus has slightly smaller bezels than S8. This time aspect ratio is 18.5:9 this means phone looks larger not wider like LG G6. Also this time Samsung drop the Samsung logo from front and Hardware keys. Finger print scanner goes back on the device also this has covered edges with slightly curved screens on both sides.

With Evan Blass tweet we find the price list of new Samsung device. He tells the European pricing for upcoming Samsung Products. Samsung Galaxy S8 price is 799€ and Galaxy S8+ with price 899€. He also revels other product pricing too like new DeX Doc price is 150€, new GearVR priced 129€ and Gear360 is 229€. This means Samsung hike their flagship price this year because last year their Galaxy S7 price is 100€ less from S8. It means we expected too see the hiked priced in US too.


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